When you are in a holiday in an island, you forget about the time or day. You don’t check your watch, you don’t check the calendars, some don’t even check their phones. But when you work and live in an island, you always notice the time.

It’s not a bad thing. I check the time because I do not want to be late for work, because I am looking forward to lunch breaks, and because I always look forward to going home to my little family.

I was timeless for about 9 months before when I came here and left my job in the city for good. Until I missed the daily grind. I wanted to do something here, something that I will be happy doing every day. Well, not really everyday but something to keep me busy and productive. So here I am, helping people make their way around here. 😊

Maybe I can help you too! We’ll see!


A quick break

Last time I was in the city was in May, 2012. The next time will be this coming March. It’s been too long. Too long that I do not know how a mall smells anymore. It’s good to be in the city once in a while for a quick break. Staying too long in the island makes me hoard a lot of things especially the ones that are not found here or are sold at a sky-high price in the stores.

All the basic things we need are found here, only a little or too expensive than in the city. Food. Water. Toiletries. Clothing. Other stuff like jeans shorts and Ice cream are too expensive here. So thinking about going to the city again for a few days makes me really excited. I can eat the food I love (barbecue, seaweed salad, CNT lechon, Balamban liempo, etc.) where I love to eat them! I can buy many things i need like needles and threads ( yes, I do some sewing from time to time), baby stuff for my baby boy, and so many other things that I’m sure, I will have overweight baggage.

I will meet again with good old friends, will see some of the music scene, and maybe watch some movies on the big screen! Yay!

I can’t wait to travel again. Will see you soon Cebu City

Confirmed ticket to CEB

Welcoming 2013

2013. New year, new beginnings, new hair, new journal, and new blog.

This is my first time in WordPress. I have been wanting to try this site and at last, I’ve found my way here. Something new for me and it’s just empty right now but I’m excited to share a lot here – from my view in the tropics – Boracay Island to be specific. So watch out for my posts. I will share the ins and outs of the island, some travel tips here and there, amazing views and photos from sunrise to sunsets ( well, more of sunsets), and some random thoughts about my island living.

Indeed, i am one lucky girl to be working and living in Travel+Leisure magazine’s 2012 best island destination – Boracay!

For starters, let me share the famous sunset of my beautiful island.